Dementia Care

Dementia Care

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Byker Hall providing high quality Dementia Care in Newcastle.

At Byker Hall we pride ourselves in providing the best quality Dementia Care to our residents. As a result, we recognise that a person living with dementia is first and foremost a unique individual with a rich history of experiences, abilities, knowledge, preferences, and desires.

Responding to the Individual

Above all, our focus is to respond to individuals, look for opportunities to build on their strengths and abilities. Finding ways to compensate for losses brought by dementia.

Byker Hall’s approach to dementia care respects the uniqueness of each person rather than focusing on the diagnosis of dementia. In addition, families and friends are invited to support us by using the resident’s life story to build a picture of their lifestyle. Upon admission you will be provided with a Welcoming Book to ‘Look Through the Years’ sharing history, family, likes and dislikes. 

This approach enables us to see the person rather than the symptoms of the illness and to tailor meaningful activities and daily life accordingly.  We write care plans from the information shared and daily interactions which help to maintain the identity and dignity of the person as the dementia progresses.

Safe and Supportive Environment

The physical environment is a key factor to ensure our residents feel comfortable and navigate their way around their Home with ease and independence where possible. We offer dementia care in safe, supportive and specially adapted environment. 

Following the COVID-19 Pandemic we have ensured that our communal areas are socially distanced whilst enjoyable.

Consequently, we understand the importance of access to the outdoors as it provides the opportunity for exercise, fresh air as well as relieving tension and anxiety. Byker Hall has a private, secure garden with easy access and pathways residents can follow safely.

Training Excellence

Our care staff are specially trained to provide tailored dementia care that enhances quality of life. Indeed, dementia care presents specific challenges which requires much more than simply carrying out a series of practical tasks. We strive to ensure our approach to dementia care reflects best practices. We provide advanced on-going training in all areas of dementia care to our team. This ensures everyone is knowledgeable and confident in their approach and care delivery.


At Byker Hall we always encourage our residents to participate in activities both inside and outside of the Home. Activities are a fun and interactive part of the day. They always reflect the capabilities of the residents who take part. Furthermore, activities range from Knit n Natter, reminiscing, Bingo and pet therapy to interactive games.

We also have trips and visits to our local areas on our minibus too.

Live performers always get our residents up and dancing and we have adapted these to take place outdoors facilitated in our car park.