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Dementia Care

If you are looking for Dementia Care in Newcastle for a loved one, come and visit us at Byker Hall.  We are specialists in dementia care and recognise that a person with dementia is, first and foremost, a unique individual. A person with a rich history of experiences, abilities, skills, knowledge, preferences, desires and personality.

We have a dedicated dementia specialist and our carers are specially trained to provide tailored dementia care that enhances quality of life.

Responding to the Individual

We care for residents living with dementia as individuals. We respond to the individual and support what they are able to do with a personalised care plan.  We look for opportunities to build on their strengths and abilities to find ways to compensate for losses brought about by dementia.

Our approach to dementia care respects the uniqueness of each person rather than focusing on the diagnosis of dementia.
We use the resident’s life story to build a picture of their preferences, lifestyle, history, family, likes and dislikes. Their life story supports the person in expressing themselves by talking about their lives and experiences.

For those providing care and support, this approach enables them to see the person rather than the symptoms of the illness and to tailor meaningful activities and daily life accordingly.  Our carers are trained in completing detailed care plans with the help of residents, their family and friends. These plans are used daily and help to maintain the identity and dignity of the person as the dementia progresses, providing important information, such as how they like their cup of tea.

Safe and Supportive Environment

Dementia care presents specific challenges and requires much more than simply carrying out a series of practical tasks.
Our care homes offer dementia care in safe, supportive, specially adapted environments that maximise a person’s independence and enhance their self-esteem.

Our residents have the opportunity to move around safely and enjoy their home.

We understand the importance of access to the outdoors as it provides the opportunity for exercise, fresh air, relieves tension and anxiety and offers personal space for reflection and privacy. Our care home has a private, secure garden with easy access and pathways you can follow safely.

Training Excellence

We strive to ensure our approach to dementia care reflects best practices. We are committed to providing on-going training in all areas of dementia care to all members of the care home team at an advanced level. This ensures everyone is knowledgeable and confident in their approach and care delivery.

Byker Hall, providing high quality Dementia Care in Newcastle.