Byker Hall Residential Care Home

Byker Hall Care Home carers undergo intensive training and are required to complete national qualifications.

Importantly, our dedicated teams are also passionate about what they do.  We specially select staff for their personal qualities, such as being instinctively warm with a natural desire to help others.

Our Carers work with our residents and their loved ones to create a detailed personal care plan and build up relationships that ensure our residents’ health and care needs are always met.

Carer at Byker Hall Residential Care HomeEvery one of our residents has unique qualities and our dedicated staff ensure that they provide care that is responsive to their individual personal preferences, needs and values.

Our Carers know people’s personalities, their priorities and their preferences. They know what resident needs and when. At all times respecting the privacy and dignity of that particular person.

There will always be someone to help at Byker Hall Care Home.

We are always happy to arrange for a viewing of Fellingate. It is an opportunity to showcase the level of care we focus on our residents. It is an essential and integral part of the process for anyone wishing to become part of the Fellingate family. We’ll provide a sympathetic experience for potential residents or their nearest and dearest. Visitors can sample our food and atmosphere and talk to our staff and management. We pride ourselves on providing a very high quality of life that you’d expect from an Enhanced Care, care home.

If you would like to arrange a visit to experience the care and lifestyle we have to offer please call 0191 438 6000 or email

Please click this link to download our Wardley Gate Residential Care Home Brochure.